Frequent Questions

General Questions

1.  Who are we?

GLOBAL LINGUA NET is a young company founded by a professional translator/interpreter who has 25 years experience in translation, including 7 years in France.

We work with leading French partners based in Paris who are specialised in translation.

2.  Why choose GLOBAL LINGUA Net?

For four good reasons.  Our strategy rests on four fundamental points on which we make no compromise.

Professionalism and Reliability

All our translators are professionals. We scrupulously avoid casual translators. The founder’s experience in the field of written translation and interpretation, ensures the relevance of the choice of collaborators and the quality of their work.

Quality of Service

All our translators are completely bilingual, translating exclusively into their mother tongue.  Their work is systematically and regularly proofread by at least one other expert of the language in question.  Our translators use professional software (Trados, etc.), as well as all the necessary dictionaries to guarantee an impeccable translation quality.

Unbeatable prices

Of course we are aware of market prices.  But we have opted for low cost professional quality thanks to increased volume.  For many languages, we have collaborators in countries where prices are very competitive.

Passion and Experience

Because GLOBL LINGUA NET has been created by a language professional, university professor, translator/interpreter since 17 years (including 6 spent in France) and because translation is our passion.

Rates and Payment

3. What are our rates?

Our rates depend on the language combination, the field, as well as the deadline.  They can vary from 0,09 Euros/word to 0,12 Euros/word, for general texts.

All our rates are net as there is no VAT.  (Macedonian VAT Code, Art 14,  paragraph 3, point 4).  VAT is not applicable unless the client exercises his activity in Macedonia.

4.  What are the modes of payment?

The modes of payment available:
5. Can payment be made after receipt of the translation?


Yes, on a signed order form, SIRET number and all other easily controlled bank details
For clients who have regular orders, payment is after reception of translations.



6. What are our deadlines?

The following information gives an idea for the most common languages and for general subjects:

-  For less common languages, the deadline is usually doubled.

The final deadline will be confirmed on receipt of the definite order of the translation.



7. What services are offered?

The client can choose between:

8.  Can documents be sent by fax or mail?

 Yes, of course, you can reach us 24 hours per day.

9.  Can we cancel an ordered translation?

 Yes, it’s possible.  For more information, see Terms and Conditions.


Document Formats

10.  Which formats do we work with?

Generally, we translate all of the usual formats: Word, Pdf, Excel, Power Point, etc.  Contact us for more unusual formats.

Satisfaction and Guarantee

11.   if the translation doesn’t satisfy you

You can submit your reasons and you can be reimbursed up to 100%.
Grammatical quality, syntax, translation language technique are the defining elements taken into account for a partial or total reimbursement of the amount invoiced.
Subtle differences will not be taken into account, as the theme of the text to be translated has already been studied with our collaborators at the time of your order.
To date, not one of our clients has found it necessary to submit such a request, our teams having been selected according to very strict quality criteria.
Our rigour is our success.